Invest in the question

When you say you deeply care about something, what does it mean actually? Do you care about what you think is the best way to solve the problem? Or do you care about the question that brought you to that belief? The difference is subtle, but of great consequences. If you care about the question, […]

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Keep rollin

Remember my goat friend from a few days ago? Well here she is, rollin on the streets in full glory. Writing a book for kids has been my dream for quite a while now. If I continue with pictures like this, I should be able to illustrate it myself as well.

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I solemnly resolve to work on
Getting rid of
The bug of rhetoric
Smooth lube of stylization
Sumptous pauses
Well-polished syntax
Lyrical garbage

So I can kneel down in winter
And bring you in my incompetent hand
A lamb of snow

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The tale of kimchi fried rice

There was a girl who always ate bread with every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all her family would sit down together and enjoy some delicious homemade bread. Even though there were various kinds of food available in stores for many years now, this family would stick to the tried and true recipes passed over […]

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Sometimes all you can do is to sit down and watch. I was supposed to land in Costa Rica tonight, and join the jolly bus leaving for the next Apotheosis retreat in the heart of a jungle tomorrow at 12. Waiting at the gate, I learned that my flight from Warsaw was delayed by multiple […]

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Galactic New Year

Supernova fireworks
Are lighting up the sky
Roasting entire planets

Such a beautiful show
Of life and death
Even the massive black hole
Dressed up
On this occasion

Blowing up our guarded fortress
Sounds like the best way to
The Galactic New Year

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The vicious spiral of an ego trip

I had the weirdest experience a few weeks ago. I was listening to a smart, accomplished person talk about his latest projects when a wild thought ran across my mind. “Wow, this is so incredible! Why can’t I be like this guy?”. I tried to ignore the thought and come back to the conversation. However, […]

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