Consistency is overrated

Every now and then, Facebook reminds me of something I posted a few years ago. It takes me by surprise every single time. I’m not even embarrassed by those messages or pictures. I just find it extremely hard to relate to the person who posted such things. Her priorities were different. She found different things […]

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What a ridiculous thing

Generations come
And go
In a blink of a thunder

We watch them spiral in hurricanes
From our deck atop
The peak
Of Unexamined

The song of great green macaw
Lures us to jump and
Join the swirling dance

Over and over she screams
What a ridiculous thing
To be alive

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Everything is a bonus

All my grandparents passed away 7 years ago or more. I loved them as a kid, but didn’t have a chance to grow into these relationships as an adult. They either lived too far away, were struck by amnesia too early, or died before I was born. I wished they could stay here longer but […]

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Sure it all sparks joy

It’s high time to admit it. I am not a minimalist. I called myself a minimalist for many years. Living in a college dorm room and sharing a bedroom with two friends, I don’t think I had much choice. Neither did I at the time when I moved houses about once per year. It’s not […]

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Design your own bubble

Working remotely can get very lonely at times. If I’m the average of 5 people I spend the most time with, 4 of them are my fiancĂ©. He’s my favorite human in the world, but it’s great to sometimes speak face to face with someone else for a change. This intention brought us to WeWork […]

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