Thank you Africa!

South Africa has way exceeded my expectations–again. I’ve been here before, and yet I wasn’t prepare for all this beauty and variety of surprising delights. Wherever we went to, the views were simply breathtaking. From mountains to ocean to lagoons to unique species that don’t exist anywhere else in the world, we spent two weeks […]

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I only had
To feebly whisper
Let’s go

And you raised me straight away
Miles above the
Common ground

I dreamt of flying
Every night
Ever since I remember

Never occurred to me
All I need to do is
Just ask


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The magnificent elephant

There’s something intimidating about meeting an elephant. It’s not just about her size, even though she could easily crush you under her feet if she wanted to. It’s mostly because of their confidence. They look so calm, patient, and self-contained, that approaching these magnificent animals you can’t help but show some reverence and respect. Tonight […]

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Take this moment

What have I done To deserve these . Long winding roads Embraced gently by a Soft cloth of green . Ancient cathedrals Of rock wood and dirt Rising tall and wise Far above imagination . Sweet baby goat Who would let me hug her For a grain of corn . All these ridiculous Lush fairy […]

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The Greatest Kudu

Greater Kudu are the biggest antelopes in South Africa. They’re also incredibly beautiful and have something very wise about their eyes. We’re heading to national parks tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in their natural habitat. There’s no guarantee for this of course, but that’s not going to stop us from trying. […]

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100 days

I can’t really believe it, but I’ve posted on this blog for 100 days in a row already, without a single miss. This includes days when I was offline deep in Costa Rican jungle. Luckily has an option to schedule posts in advance. When I first signed up for this project, it felt almost […]

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