Lucid dreams

How can I explain you
What happened that night

All my words can only
Cut reality in halves

Cars were much more carsome
Trees were much more treeish

Mandarin ducks walked around
Royal and fabulous

Stardust sprinkled off our fingertips

As we watched everything
Melt together

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To be afraid hardly means to be in danger

There’s so many things I haven’t done because of fear. There’s even more that I did after months or even years of procrastinating. Quitting an old job or starting a new one, asking someone out or breaking up, starting a new project or saying no to someone asking for a favor. At one point I […]

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Glitter jar

At a workshop today the teacher introduced me to a mindfulness jar. It’s not that different from a snow globe, a transparent vessel with some dense liquid and glitter in it, designed to be shaken up. In its most chaotic state, the jar represents what happens in your mind when you’re stressed and overwhelmed, with […]

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Oats and Open Source

Open Source Software is like an oatmeal. Instead of reinventing the whole thing from scratch each time, you can build on other people’s recipes, modify them to your taste, or even combine different recipes together, and then let everyone know what you came up with. You won’t lose anything by sharing the recipe you used. […]

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Lost in a blog rabbit hole

Every now and then I discover a new interesting blog, and then find myself for the next few days (or months…) on a deep dive to reach its very bottom. Rather than read an article or two and bookmark the rest for later like every sane human would do, I keep following cross-links and archive […]

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