Strawberry jelly

What On Earth Was I thinking When I chose to Communicate In words They only obscure An already Cloudy matter Now words lost their meanings Meanings lost meanings Nothing means anything Anymore We’re wrestling in Strawberry jelly Of interpretations

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Castles in clouds

Our castles
Are not even built on sand

They’re floating up in the clouds
Of interstellar dust

Leave your magnificent chambers
And join me on the rooftop tonight

We’re gonna get hopelessly dizzy
Staring at billions of suns

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Let’s dance

I’m staying with my parents right now. I don’t get to see them too often. In fact, I’m more often abroad than here. I know this because my dad collects coffee mugs and I bring him one from every country I go to. More often than not, I bring him two or three such mugs […]

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All is high

I took a sneak peek
Through unraveling fabric
Of spacetime

Found myself
On the backstage
Of a grand perennial play

Soap bubble universes
Snap in and out
Of existence

Planets dance
To the sound
Of temple bowls

All is high on
Clouds of incense smoke
And being alive

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I wish this was over

This thought occasionally crosses my mind when I’m stretched out in an uncomfortable and challenging yoga pose. It lasts for about a second, until the absurdity dawns on me. This weird, uncomfortable, and challenging stretch is the whole purpose of doing yoga. There’s no end goal in it, doing the thing itself is the end […]

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Real freedom

Fake freedom requires the world to conform to your will. Real freedom requires nothing of the world. It is your will. — Mark Manson, Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope Mark Manson’s new book is out. I’ll write more about it on a different occasion. For now I’ll just say, if you’re wondering why […]

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