Suddenly galaxies

I like your poems you said
But why there’s always some

Suddenly galaxies

Isn’t life enough
To write about


You know
That’s life for me

We’re trying to
Eat lunch together

And then there’s some
Suddenly galaxies

And then I don’t know
Who I am

Or what’s going on

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Basking in the sun

Drawing on iPad is great, but sometimes you just want to sketch something quickly on a real piece of paper using a real rainbow pencil. I kinda miss the feeling of playing around with tangible objects in the physical world. It’s probably time to think about the next proper oil painting.

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Jungle drum

Take off your shoes

And expectations

Let your hair

And baggage down

The jungle drum will guide you

You and I
The fire
And the night

The fine sand humming softly

Under our feet

The city lights
Blinking to the rhythm
From afar

We’re all in this together

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