‪When all else fails‬
‪You can still try‬
‪To be a cactus‬

‪Madly in love‬
‪With every tiniest‬
‪Drop of water‬

‪Every blazing‬
‪Ray of light‬
‪That burns his skin‬

‪Pray for rain‬
‪With all your heart‬
‪On verge of death‬

‪Trade pleasure‬
‪For foolish hope‬
And lasting bliss

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Hangin with the trees

There’s only one thing that regenerates me even more than hanging upside down in a hammock. It’s doing the same thing for the whole day, surrounded by trees, fresh air, and super cheerful dogs. Our yoga studio just organized an all-day open air workshop in a forest, and it was just amazing. Even though I’m […]

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Succulents and sparkles

On our wedding we gave everyone a small succulent in a jar. Not everyone picked up theirs, so we ended up with four. I haven’t been historically a good caregiver to my house plants, but these particular ones are a symbol of our love and us growing together. I’d better make sure they grow happy, […]

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I like it

Hold me tight
Wrap me in a blanket
Made of cloud and stars

Our entire planet
Seems to have
A fever

Hug me as the sky
Is juggling
Fiery bullets

I like it when
The world ends

It just exhausts me much

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