Buckle up
And relax

It’s only a 





Even if finds you breathless
Or your heart suddenly stops

There’s nothing real

To be afraid of

Let yourself
Enjoy the ride

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Another restless night
Crescent Moon rocks gently
To the sound of temple bells

The Carnival is over
Chilly mist wrapped the city in a blanket
Inviting to lay our heads

I am so tired
–and yet

My heart wants to keep dancing
Just as if this was my last chance
To ever dance again

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Whenever I dare
Too look you in the eye
It’s a car crash
My heart and pride
Both crumble into pieces
Till all that’s left is dust
Fireworks take off to the sky
Through the holes in my
Chest head and hands
I used to be so afraid of this
Till you said I’m a torch
Flame can do me no harm

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