The greatest gift

My family completely skipped Christmas presents this year. This was such a fantastic idea. Instead of buying random things and then pretending you love the random things someone else bought for you, we could all make the most of my favorite gift–spending time together in celebration. We didn’t have much time, it went by much […]

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Embracing the chaos

I have more freedom in shaping my environment than almost anyone I know. During dark winter days like these, I work surrounded with ambient rainbow lights, relaxing music, scented candles, ginger tea, and wrapped up in cosy blankets. I can take a break and go for a walk in the park if the weather is […]

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Cosy sweaters

Hold me tight
As our walls and floor
Are crumbling into pieces

Black holes
Eating away at
All that we held dear

Grasp the thread
From the fabric
Of spacetime unraveling

We’ll knit ourselves
Cosy sweaters to
Keep us warm in the dark

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Life happens at the edges

When do you feel most alive? When going through your morning routine, or when trying something you’ve never done before? When you’re so efficient at work that you could almost do it blindfolded, or when you have to experiment and fail a lot to figure your way? When driving the same route to work and […]

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Spirits and shadows
On the ceiling
Are dancing

The night song
Runs through me
Inside out

All my bones
Dissolved in
Bitter medicine

The jungle drum
Beat me up tonight
Till speechless

Shaken seasick
And bewildered
I reach for more

To seek treasures
That lie
Beyond the edge

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