Take me

I’m tired
Rolling this boulder uphill
Wasn’t the best use
Of my time

I’ve had enough
From now on please

Take me
Wherever you want

Deepest ocean trenches or
The heart of a black hole

Take me
On an adventure
I can’t even imagine

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May I

May I always choose to go all in, with all the courage and gratitude I can muster. May I remain soft and gentle, no matter what I find inside. Given the choice between a great story and truth, may I always choose truth. When feeling lost and overwhelmed, may I choose to let go of […]

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Rewriting my story daily is one of the best tools I’ve ever had. But at one point you gotta unravel all the stories and dive deep into silence.

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First lesson in magic

It’s infinitely easier for me to write stuff for kids than for parents specifically. I used to be a kid and never been a parent so in theory this kinda makes sense. I’m still trying to grasp how is it possible that I find it easier to communicate with a seven year old than with […]

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A Course in Adulthood

My husband Artur is one of the wisest people I know. He’s almost never afraid. He actively seeks the most challenging thing to be done, and then does this. When there’s a car engine to be replaced, he replaces the engine. When there’s a feature in WordPress that is missing, he creates it all by […]

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1. Pick one thing that terrifies you most.2. Work on it until you’re somewhat comfortable with it.3. Share what you’ve learned.4. Repeat. The more I think about it, the more it seems that Jed McKenna’s transformational process and onboarding on my project team are basically the same thing.

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