1. Pick one thing that terrifies you most.2. Work on it until you’re somewhat comfortable with it.3. Share what you’ve learned.4. Repeat. The more I think about it, the more it seems that Jed McKenna’s transformational process and onboarding on my project team are basically the same thing.

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What is true? What do I need to get honest about? What am I afraid of? What’s triggering me? What am I unwilling to feel? What am I unwilling to let go of? What am I not seeing here? What am I conflicted about? What am I clinging to? What am I? *** and the […]

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This dance

Give me all
Of your rage
Hatred bewilderment
And grief

I’m gonna
Swallow them whole
Laugh scream dance
Shout and cry

This dance
With madness
Is all life needs
To set you free

Let’s open
Up the gates
And bathe in
The blinding light

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Don’t ask me Why I tried to Swallow the Ocean again No human heart Can contain Koalas war and Betelgeuse Pieces of me Cloud of debris Around what’s left of our world It was the Ocean That swallowed me Grinding all back Into stardust

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The art of doing nothing

Fold yourself in half. Don’t move. Let the gravity do the work for you. This doesn’t sound like much. But it’s actually quite a lot. When you hold one position like this for several minutes, a lot of tension and discomfort is going to come to surface. A thousand reasons to stop will immediately cross […]

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Reminder to self

I meant to write a long post, but got pulled into some fascinating chats on Twitter instead. I don’t regret having them, but they didn’t bring me any closer to solving the problems that are on my mind right now. Here’s a reminder that while it’s great to brainstorm ideas with others, finding the gem […]

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Siren’s song

I’m not here to take care of you I’m not here to protect you I’m here to lure you all the wayTo the edge of a cliff I’m gonna tempt you with my siren’s song Of what’s beyond Until you have no more choice But to jump And find it out for yourself *** Photo […]

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