zoom in
zoom out
get a feel of the macro
and micro scale

nebulae and
amino acids
will make your head spin
if you let them

in this curious parade
of creatures
beings entities
and stuff

I settle into
the dizziness

so that I can
keep spinning with them

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Castles on Mars

I’m finally done with my Artbreeder piece. It took me quite a lot of time to retouch it at this size, but I must admit it looked pretty amazing even before I started. I changed very little of the original colors or shapes. In 5-10 years, most of the art that we look at will […]

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Everything is a tradeoff

I have insanely high expectations when it comes to my own work. If something can be improved, then it should be improved, period. As a kid I was expected to max every grade and every exam or to win every competition, and more often than not, I actually did. I left school ages ago, but […]

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This might be my new hobby now: creating some dreamy surreal art on Artbreeder.com, then retouching it manually and drawing the missing details. This one still requires a lot of work, but I already love how it’s turning out so far.

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Just being

Life is not going anywhere; there is nothing to be attained. All striving and grasping is so much smoke in the clutch of a dissolving hand. We are all lost—kicked off into a void the moment we were born—and the only way is to fall into oblivion. — Alan Watts, Become What You Are. In […]

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Start in the middle

Reminder to self: I don’t need to solve every problem the moment I encounter it. It’s logical to focus on easy wins first and figure out the rest as I go. Yet for some reason I tend to get stuck at the most inconsequential things, and keep spinning my wheels till I get them right. […]

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I planned to write something smart today. I chose sleep instead. This might be the smartest thing I did in a while. Here’s a photo of me & my dog looking all artsy and fabulous instead.

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Saving the world

My brother asked me today how I’m going to save the world. He was shocked to hear that I have no such plans. The world has been doing perfectly fine without me for billions of years. I’m sure it’s going to do perfectly fine when I’m gone. I came out of this world. I am […]

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