Maria Górska

My name is Maria and I am Made in Cosmos. I’m fascinated by humans – they’re the most complex creatures in the whole known Universe. I’m fascinated by the Universe – because it exists.
My secret superpower is making complex stuff simple.
I love figuring out how things work, and helping others understand them too. I cut through jargon and unspoken assumptions to explain problems in simple terms. I’m fascinated by different mental models used by people from different backgrounds, and love to bridge the gaps between them.
As a Happiness Engineer at Automattic / WooCommerce, I teach small business owners how to run their shops online. It brings me joy to see how many people are able to make a living or start their passion project thanks to my work, and how much of a difference it makes.
I believe that coding is the new literacy, and that everyone can and should learn the basics. I also know that no matter what you do in life, coding can help you with this, and be rewarding, relevant, and fun.
I’m a cofounder of Girls.js, a non-profit that organises JavaScript workshops for women. I also cooperate with Kosmos dla Dziewczynek – a bi-monthly magazine for 7-12yo girls, where I write about basic programming concepts.
In my spare time, I travel the world with my amazing fiancé, draw with my rainbow pencil, and gaze in the night sky wondering about the vastness of the Universe.
Feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, or drop me a line at maria[at]madeincosmos.net.


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