White empty space

White empty space. A vast white field covered in snow, with a white cloudy sky above, and white fog covering trees in the distance. You’re sitting there alone wearing nothing but flip flops, soaking in the silence. Freezing wind touches your skin. Time and the world don’t exist. * * * For the last few […]

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Ain’t curious about the world
vast and beautiful towns
they ain’t gonna tell me more
than this bunch of roadside rocks

Ain’t curious about the people
who studied wisdom in depth
I’m content with just anybody
just anyone will be okay

Ain’t curious about the books either
feel free to mock me if you wish
I know quite a few things without them
I know what it means to live

I sat down under a tree
alone and feeling at peace
oh God, my luck and joy
how can I thank you for this

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Keep surfing

Sometimes I wish my dog would just lie down and stay quiet for a while. But actually, this is exactly how she spends most of her time. If I wanted a dog that does it non-stop, I’d be better off buying a stuffed toy. Sometimes I wish the baby would just fall asleep and give […]

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I’m done
building castles

these walls
haven’t done much
to protect me

and now they’re
ripping at
the seams

naked I plunge in the
black velvety void

the Unspeakable
is my home

crystals form out of
sheer nothingness
in my hands

whatever I touch
turns into
a temple

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Do it 100 times

Is it possible to master a brand new skill as an adult? According to popular belief, greatness at anything requires at least 10,000 hours of practice. If you have a full-time job, family life, and only 5 hours per week left for your new hobby, you might expect to achieve great results after some… 38 […]

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Slow motion

in the beginning
was the Word

tearing a perfect
Whole apart

nuclear blast
creating worlds

and wiping them
out of existence

all of ten
million things around

cast glints of
this eternal light

your eyes
sparks of the timeless flame

Big Bang
in slow motion

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Time of Completion

I look behind and see So many many empty hours I tremble with fear I tremble with fear because I know how much is gone I know how much is gone But don’t know don’t know don’t knowHow much is still left And I wouldn’t want to just simply Just simply pass by And I […]

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