how can I
build my house
at the verge of an abyss

the more I see
the further down
infinite black expands

I pray
for a refuge

knowing well
here is my refuge and my home

with all my courage I put
one brick
upon another

weeping they won’t
last together
for very long

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— So, you see — said the dog behaviorist once we described the situation. — If she’s terrified of cars but still goes on to bark at them and attack them, this means that she doesn’t know how to seek for help. Even when she’s overwhelmed with stress, she feels like she has no choice […]

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Rabbit hole

Baby ducklings following their mom in park.A lightbulb.Logistics of a fast food chain supply.Photo of a place you’ve never been to. Every single little thing can be a starting point of a long journey and discovery. How does a lightbulb actually work? How do baby ducks recognize their mom among all the other ducks? How […]

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Empty page

Nothing to do.Nowhere to go to.No one to be. Nothing to talk about. So many parts of me fell apart in the last few months. Dreams, goals, hopes, visions, plans, ideas, ideals, identities, achievements, preferences, rules to live by, random nuggets of wisdom. None of these were probably mine to begin with. They all seem […]

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Keep dancing

I get into the boat. The water immediately gets violent and stormy. Black clouds come out of nowhere, the shore is suddenly out of my reach. Tall waves crash onto the boat and rock it in every direction. I see my parents in the water, barely keeping their heads above the surface. They’re shouting at […]

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I prayed
For the Ocean
To open my heart

Waves of compassion
Knocked me down


Crashed me
Onto the shore

Of despair

I tried to
Put myself
Back together

I tried to look
The other way

But the Ocean
Is still calling me

It’s time
I learn
To ride the wave

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been dreaming of
the desert

until the dreams came true

there’s nothing but
the dust
fierce wind and
raging sea

I thought I’d
face the truth and
know myself

but somehow

all I did

was to bury
my head

in hot black sand

maybe this is all
that’s there to know

about me

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