Are you all right
Making those
Obnoxious faces

Shrieking cries
Ferocious insults
Hysteric roar

I don’t recall asking
You to come but since
You’re here already

Let’s sit down and
Have some chamomile
Tea together

I might as well try to
Learn something
From you

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Girl with a hummingbird

It’s been a long while since I painted something, even on a tablet that makes the process multiple times easier. It’s been even longer since I held an actual brush in my hand. The truth is painting is quite time-consuming, especially for an amateur like me, and getting married in a month from now I […]

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Tell me

Tell me, what is it you’re called
Myself I’m not called at all
Myself I’m not called at all
I’m just picking marigolds

Tell me, what’s your real name
I have very many names
Booboo now and Choochoo then
I have very curious names


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Going critical, going remote

I just finished a video chat with about dozen people from all around the world. I’ve never spoken to any of them before. There was no company or organization behind this meeting, no business incentive for people to join, and no formal goal to be achieved. The group spontaneously assembled around The I.I. Manifesto and […]

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When is empathy hard for you?

I got this question during my job interview at Automattic. This was years ago, but I still ask myself the same thing over and over again. Applying for a customer support position I knew empathy will make up a large part of my job, and it’s crucial to be able to exercise it in all […]

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