What a coincidence
It must have been
The Cosmos

To send you here
Just when we needed you

I heard you say to me
With awe
And relief


I just–

I just really hope
The Cosmos knows
What They’re doing

Cause I haven’t
The slightest idea


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For a change

The galaxy will keep spinning
Without your strenuous effort

Sunrise and sunset
Are all set up for at least
Another couple billion years

You might as well give yourself
The permission

To do something unproductive
For a change

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How to tell responsibility from people pleasing

My fiancé just wrote a great article about coding, responsibility, and how software development is mostly about managing egos of everyone involved. This made me think about my own relationship with responsibility, which has been so far quite complicated and confusing. I’m a highly sensitive person and an emotional sponge. Noticing other people’s emotions and […]

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The smiling barista

I saw this girl a few weeks ago at a café nearby. She had such a cheerful and contagious smile that I just had to sketch it out. Working from the same café again today I reminded myself of this girl. She wasn’t there this time, but with a little help of my memory and […]

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Amanda Palmer on grief and pain

Anthony was just laid out in his hospice bed. I sat there, and I looked at his dead body, and I thought, “Why are we told to be so afraid of this?” I just remember feeling like, “Wow! There’s no fear.” There’s this whole narrative about death and dead bodies, and it’s oh, so creepy, […]

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Lucid dreams

How can I explain you
What happened that night

All my words can only
Cut reality in halves

Cars were much more carsome
Trees were much more treeish

Mandarin ducks walked around
Royal and fabulous

Stardust sprinkled off our fingertips

As we watched everything
Melt together

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