I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • A timeless rhapsody

    I hear the trees singing

    A timeless rhapsody


    Are you ready

    To leave your pain behind


    Out in the vast plane of

    The Unexamined

    They swing gently to this

    Eternal tune


    There’s so much more

    To being human

    Than a roof over your head


    The whole cosmic jungle swirls

    In an ecstatic dance


    So much gold in the

    Hostile desert

    On edges of existence


    I sit with my mouth wide opened

    Indulging in every drop

    Of this foul-tasting wisdom

  • My dearest ones

    Not asking for peace anymore

    Or for things to be different

    I don’t resent not having a car

    Or my dearest ones chopping my head apart

    I came here to thank you for being God

    My translation of Najbliżsi by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski.

  • Resolution

    I solemnly resolve to work on

    Getting rid of

    The bug of rhetoric

    Smooth lube of stylization

    Sumptous pauses

    Well-polished syntax

    Lyrical garbage

    So I can kneel down in winter

    And bring you in my incompetent hand

    A lamb of snow


    This is my translation of Postanowienie by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski.

  • Galactic New Year

    Supernova fireworks
    Are lighting up the sky
    Roasting entire planets

    Such a beautiful show
    Of life and death
    Even the massive black hole
    Dressed up
    On this occasion

    Blowing up our guarded fortress
    Sounds like the best way to
    The Galactic New Year

  • Mirror ballroom

    Running in circles
    Round the
    Mirror ballroom

    A thousand mirrors
    Look back
    With pride
    And disgust

    Sit down
    Jackdaws in the sky
    Are plotting some
    Heavenly drama

    Hear their song and
    Watch your
    Whole castle
    Crumble down

  • What a ridiculous thing

    Generations come
    And go
    In a blink of a thunder

    We watch them spiral in hurricanes
    From our deck atop
    The peak
    Of Unexamined

    The song of great green macaw
    Lures us to jump and
    Join the swirling dance

    Over and over she screams
    What a ridiculous thing
    To be alive

  • Breathe in, breathe out

    Breathe in
    Set your mitochondria on fire

    Breathe out
    Release the exhaust fumes

    Not a single one of us
    Is coming out of this alive

    Breathe in
    The world is ending
    Right in this very moment

    Breathe out
    It’s okay
    That’s the only moment there ever was

  • Unbearable compassion

    Open your heart and
    Get flooded

    A thousand hurricanes
    Ghosts of the present and past
    Seeking relief

    Got nowhere left to hide
    Nothing to feed your poor souls

    How could I?
    I am a beggar myself

    Is it still me or
    The Universe
    Feeling all

    In this
    Unbearable compassion

  • The meaning of dance

    what’s the meaning of

    only a very wise head could
    give birth to such a nonsense

    why don’t you put it aside for one moment
    shake your limbs like a madman and
    let them take you astray

    who’s left to ask about meaning
    when all is lost
    in ecstatic motion

  • Empty bucket

    Why drag your empty bucket to the
    enchanted stream

    Hiking up in the clouds
    on the verge of reality

    Down below the same water
    will taste just like

    The flow
    that brings it to life
    can’t ever be contained

    And yet
    I keep coming back
    here with my empty bucket

    Hoping maybe this time
    someone will try and say
    this is the best glass of water
    I ever had in my life

    And set out on the next