I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • Monstrous babies

    Bring me your demons
    I’ll bathe them in light

    Caress these grotesque monstrous babies
    Till they run out of tears
    And shriek no more

    And then
    We’ll let them go
    Out in the wild

    And sit together
    In the warm glow
    Reveling in the sound of silence

  • Nice

    It’s nice to meet your old despair
    –listen granny–to say
    –what happened
    you’ve grown handsome
    not sniffling anymore
    you’re no longer like a devil born bitter
    wounds have healed
    the rain cleansed you
    One can get to love a shrew while she’s still alive


    This is my translation of Miło by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski

  • Mirages

    Your body
    Every atom in it
    Overwhelmingly empty space

    Nothingness stretches out
    From one star to the next one
    To myriad galaxies

    This peculiar universe
    Has infinitely more nothing
    Than somethings

    Awash in emptiness
    We’re grasping onto
    Mirages of solid ground

  • Sunshine

    I don’t care
    If you’re in the seventh circle of hell
    Or digging deeper

    If you’re hurting distressed
    Dying or dead already

    So what
    The Sun
    Has abandoned us

    Here in this dark cave
    I will teach you
    To make your own sunshine

  • Mad lovers’ fountain

    Don’t trust
    A single word I’ve said

    The mountain stream has got me drunk
    Words escape me into gibber


    Follow the starling call and
    Let’s get lost
    Into the woods

    Mad lovers’ fountain
    Will wait for you
    To take a sip

  • Abyss

    How am I supposed
    To take care of
    My daily chores

    There’s a
    Bottomless abyss

    Right here in my
    Living room

    My dear
    You always wanted
    To go to space


    Space is nothing but a
    Black bottomless void

    Not just under your feet
    But everywhere

  • Precious crystals

    A million
    Shards of glass
    Are falling on our heads

    A million
    Sparkling moons
    Look back at us in dark

    Such precious crystals
    You whispered
    Combing the air in awe

    I told you

    It’s not always bad
    When dreams go crumbling apart

  • Lost pilgrims

    Gentle breeze
    Temple bell
    Mighty earthquake

    We swallow a cloud
    Of incense smoke
    It brings tears to our eyes

    Tour guide
    Spewing out facts
    In shrieking voice

    Old man calling
    His wife back home
    Girls taking selfies

    We’re all
    Lost pilgrims

    In search of
    What’s already there

  • Down the river

    I met the most
    Unexpected friend

    Here on the other
    Side of the globe

    Every night
    I take a stroll
    Down the river

    Every night
    He’s sitting on
    The same stone

    Staring back right at me
    Without a blink

    With so much
    Deep understanding

    Why yes
    I know
    He is a bird

    So what

    Out of all creatures
    In this faraway land

    He alone
    Won’t turn away
    When I look back at him

    Not sure which one of us
    Is more mesmerized
    With this

    Why yes
    I’ll trade all treasures

    Of this dreamy magical city
    Temples historic sites nightlife
    Commerce and art

    For a short glimpse
    Into such improbable
    Unearthly bond

  • Holy mountain

    Teach me to
    Stand strong and tall

    Through typhoons cyclones
    And collapse
    Of common sense

    Show me how to
    Hug the Earth and
    Set up a sturdy base there

    So that I won’t topple
    As I stretch out to the Heavens
    Pushing way past my limits

    Remind me
    To always keep
    My head up high

    To raise above
    Turbulent petty weather

    To keep raising like this

    Till I become
    One with the Sky