I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • Touch reality

    Ever fell

    From the height
    Of your dreams
    And expectations

    To the ground level
    Of reality?

    Lucky you

    Few people
    Had a chance
    To ever touch reality

    Play around with it
    See how it feels like

  • Right back there

    One more time I
    Came back home
    Empty handed

    Just a few
    Autumn leaves
    Acorns chestnuts

    But a shadow of the
    Old wise forest

    All night long
    I rearrange them

    Just as if some
    Certain order

    Could bring us both
    Right back there
    Just by looking


    Photo by Kristian Seedorff on Unsplash

  • Welcome onboard

    Please switch your devices to
    Invisibility mode

    Snug yourself into
    A crude tinfoil blanket

    Shielding from urgent
    Life and death cries
    For your attention

    And watch
    The world still spinning

    As you disappear

  • Rollercoaster

    Buckle up
    And relax

    It’s only a

    Even if finds you breathless
    Or your heart suddenly stops

    There’s nothing real
    To be afraid of

    Let yourself
    Enjoy the ride


    Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

  • Restless

    Another restless night
    Crescent Moon rocks gently
    To the sound of temple bells

    The Carnival is over
    Chilly mist wrapped the city in a blanket
    Inviting to lay our heads

    I am so tired 
                        –and yet

    My heart wants to keep dancing
    Just as if this was my last chance
    To ever dance again

  • Torch

    Whenever I dare 
    To look you in the eye 
    It’s a car crash 

    My heart and pride 
    Both crumble into pieces 
    Till all that’s left is dust

    Fireworks take off to the sky
    Through the holes in my
    Chest head and hands

    I used to be so afraid  
    Till you said I’m a torch

    Flame can do me no harm

  • Carnival

    May your whole life
    Be celebration

    May you always remember
    Light coming through you
    Dissolving all boundaries

    May you have the courage
    To wear your crown
    Proud and tall

    To bring your whole heart
    Where all hope is lost

    To have it broken again
    And again

    May your whole life
    Be carnival

    In tears of sadness
    Or tears of joy

    Don’t you ever
    Stop dancing

  • Portal maze

    The world we knew
    Imploded tomorrow 
    And every day ever since

    Ripples in the
    Fabric of spacetime
    Knocked me seasick

    Shock waves push
    Backwards in time
    Shaking me to the core

    Once more
    I say

    Set me on fire
    So I become a light

    Shining on this
    Bottomless portal maze

  • The long game

    Every now and then
    I want to burn
    Like a shooting star

    Put a fireworks show
    Above the city

    Every time
    That nagging
    Voice says

    It’s too late to
    Live fast die young

    I might as well
    Stay in it for
    The long game

  • Traveller

    We raise our hands
    And hearts
    In unison

    Night city lights
    Are blinking at
    Our feet

    Stars snuggled up 
    In cloudy blankets
    On this chilly night

    I feel your presence
    In sudden cold 
    Bursts of wind

    Are you cruising
    The fabric of spacetime

    Can’t see you
    But neither I can
    See the stars