I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea

    I’m a moth
    Burning my candle
    At both ends

    So what
    I’m gonna burn faster
    This way

    Feels so good to


    Between the two fires


    Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

  • I’m not bipolar

    I just like my highs real high
    And my lows real low

    To question my entire existence
    And then fully plunge into it

    When I believe
    I want to trust wholeheartedly
    Despite logic reason and 
    So called common sense

    When I doubt
    I want no stone left unturned
    To question Stars and the Moon and
    Everything in between

    When I commit
    I want to give all of me
    And lose it all
    In the process

    When I burn and crash
    I want no safety cushion
    No illusions
    To remain

    I’m not bipolar
    Your fake orderly world
    Is just too small
    For a whole soul and heart


    Artwork by Lila D Art Dream Studio

  • Never before

    Alone at night
    I stare at the
    Black raging sea

    Fierce waves
    Wash away the
    Rock under my feet

    No one can save you
    I hum shyly and
    All bursts into chant

    The stars
    Cloud and waves
    Sway to the rhythm together

    You ask if I’m okay
    Maniacal laughter
    Comes out of my lips

    Never before
    Have I felt
    So fucking alive


    Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

  • Mostly water

    The Ocean
    Swallowed my whole
    House again

    Infinite blue surrounds me
    With no walls
    Floor or shelter

    Sea monsters
    Beyond my sight murmur
    Mischievous melodies

    Come here
    You wicked beasts
    I know you cannot hurt me

    Since the flood what’s left
    Of me is mostly water

    I know you’re water too
    Just like the rest of us


    Photo by Jong Marshes on Unsplash

  • Cactus

    When all else fails
    You can still try
    To be a cactus

    Madly in love
    With every tiniest
    Drop of water

    Every blazing
    Ray of light
    That burns his skin

    Pray for rain
    With all your heart
    On verge of death

    Trade pleasure
    For foolish hope
    And lasting bliss

  • With full force

    The jungle
    Pulled me in again
    With full force

    Wild vines
    Fastened tightly
    On my arms and feet

    I’m spinning
    With the planets
    Round the absent Sun

    Can you feel
    The Eternity
    Folding on itself


    Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

  • I like it

    Hold me tight
    Wrap me in a blanket
    Made of cloud and stars

    Our entire planet
    Seems to have
    A fever

    Hug me as the sky
    Is juggling
    Fiery bullets

    I like it when
    The world ends

    It just exhausts me much

  • Pirouette

    Every night
    I get to


    With the trees

    Howl with the Moon
    Slide with the rivers

    Sing with the owls
    Bounce with the Ocean


    With the Galaxy

    Every morning
    I wonder
    Where am I

    What happened
    To my wings

  • In my foolery

    You keep telling me
    You need a proof
    That sky exists

    There is no sky
    Just atoms bouncing off
    One another in empty space

    Only a fool would
    Argue with this

    And yet

    In my foolery
    I still try to grasp
    This no-thingness

    And bring you scraps
    That somehow didn’t
    Fully escape

  • Show me your wounds

    Show me
    Your wounds
    And I’ll show you mine

    We’ll go down to the Ocean
    In the sweetest embrace

    Let the salty medicine
    Wash them all
    Inside out

    Till it breaks
    Us both open

    We will weep
    And bow
    To the divine light

    That will shine
    Through the cracks


    Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash