I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • All is high

    I took a sneak peek
    Through unraveling fabric
    Of spacetime

    Found myself
    On the backstage
    Of a grand perennial play

    Soap bubble universes
    Snap in and out
    Of existence

    Planets dance
    To the sound
    Of temple bowls

    All is high on
    Clouds of incense smoke
    And being alive

  • Don’t look down

    The trail under our feet
    Is nothing but mist
    And cotton candy

    Held together by faith alone
    Across an infinite

    Sweet delusion
    That falls apart
    At the first curious glance

    But don’t worry
    There’s no need to fear
    Of a free fall

    If you know
    You’ll keep falling

  • Eye gazing contest

    The Sun
    Challenged me
    To an eye gazing contest

    I lost it
    In a blink
    The blinding light still hurts

    At least
    I am glad that I tried

    Cheers to the reckless ones
    Who drink their blessings
    From a firehose

  • My house is on fire

    My house
    Is on fire

    Running around
    I try
    To make an inventory
    Of all the things I will rescue

    Pretending I haven’t seen
    The walls all crumbling

    It’s okay

    I can’t even recall
    What I needed this stuff for

    It’s okay

    Now I might as well
    Start afresh

  • Jammin

    What happens when you accidentally combine freestyle rapping with freestyle calligraphy? I’m not sure yet, but it’s intriguing–especially the process rather than the final outcome.

    Hey you! Yes you, the one
    over there in the corner
    wondering what to do next
    and how to avoid a mistake

    if you can just for one moment
    put your concerns aside
    the melody will finally reach you
    and music alone will take you

  • Serendipity

    What a coincidence
    It must have been
    The Cosmos

    To send you here
    Just when we needed you

    I heard you say to me
    With awe
    And relief


    I just–

    I just really hope
    The Cosmos knows
    What They’re doing

    Cause I haven’t
    The slightest idea


  • For a change

    The galaxy will keep spinning
    Without your strenuous effort

    Sunrise and sunset
    Are all set up for at least
    Another couple billion years

    You might as well give yourself
    The permission

    To do something unproductive
    For a change

  • Lucid dreams

    How can I explain you
    What happened that night

    All my words can only
    Cut reality in halves

    Cars were much more carsome
    Trees were much more treeish

    Mandarin ducks walked around
    Royal and fabulous

    Stardust sprinkled off our fingertips

    As we watched everything
    Melt together

  • Warsaw by night

    Night city winks at me
    With a thousand eyes

    Chimneys windows streetlamps
    satellite bowls dancing

    To the tender hum of passing cars
    Dazzling parade of speed and light

    And yet—

    The northern star
    Sings quietly her eternal song

    Unlike her countryside friends
    So easy to miss

    But just as blissfully unaware
    Of the city hustle

  • Still

    Still you’re grasping personal happiness by the hair
    Stashing away in just about any jar
    Keeping a journal which means a monument to yourself
    That’s why the air feeds you scantily
    Invisible hands don’t guide you
    What is grand won’t come against your will
    All this ache in vain—cause you wouldn’t die
    If you can’t let go of yourself
    How could you gain everything


    My translation of Jeszcze by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski