I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • Icarus

    I only had
    To feebly whisper
    Let’s go

    And you raised me straight away
    Miles above the
    Common ground

    I dreamt of flying
    Every night
    Ever since I remember

    Never occurred to me
    All I need to do is
    Just ask

    My ugliest worries
    Ludicrous specks of dust
    On a vast velvet plane below

    Smooth ocean waves
    Wash away
    Shreds of my common sense

    I think the Sun
    Winked at me

    Some parts of me
    Might not be going to
    Survive this flight

  • Take this moment

    What have I done

    To deserve these


    Long winding roads

    Embraced gently by a

    Soft cloth of green


    Ancient cathedrals

    Of rock wood and dirt

    Rising tall and wise

    Far above imagination


    Sweet baby goat

    Who would let me hug her

    For a grain of corn


    All these ridiculous

    Lush fairy landscapes

    A new one lingering

    Right behind every corner


    Several lifetimes

    Wouldn’t suffice

    To appreciate any of you

    Like you deserve it



    Take this moment

    Of my undivided attention


    This is all I can give

    In return

  • Don’t

    Don’t sugar coat religion
    Don’t rub out its parts

    Don’t dress it up in pink angel rags
    Fluttering above the war
    Don’t send the believers to a tooting commentary
    I’m not here for consolation like a bowl of soup
    I wanted to rest my head at last on
    The boulder of faith


    This is my translation of “Nie” by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski

  • Bewilderment

    Put aside
    All the very wise notions of what is
    And what should be

    Let’s go where the
    Cotton pink clouds
    In sheer excitement

    Pull up the starry tablecloth
    Stretched round our homely corner

    There’s a vast meadow of wonder
    Waiting for us to
    Jump in

    We’ll dance along
    Over the black hole in the
    Heart of our galaxy

    A gentle breeze
    Sways glittery dust
    Off our faces and hands

    All the moons and planets
    In this
    Chanting procession

    Keep staring at us
    With praise
    And bewilderment

  • Long Way Down

    What about me?

    A minuscule raindrop


    Will they accept me
    In such foreign crowd?

    Will I
    Still matter?



    Into The

    Too blissed to
    Think about
    Any of this

  • Good morning

    Good morning, yawns the willow
    Stretching out tiny buds
    Awoken by the pleasant
    Tickling of the Sun

    Jackdaw girl proudly carries
    Her favourite precious stick
    Watching out for the best
    Real estate in town

    She can’t contain herself
    Knowing her lovely groom
    Agreed to build with her
    A lavish residence

    Tiny crocus breaks out
    From a perennial dream
    Gentle and delicate
    Yet full of confidence

    Good morning, sings the Spring back
    Handing out folded leaves
    With all the information
    Her dear children might need

    Welcome back home, she whispers
    I know you’ve been asleep
    What you were dreaming of
    You’re ready to begin

  • Heavy sack

    With such burden on your shoulders
    How will you spread your wings?

    Where we are going they’ll give you
    Much more than you can ask for

    Put down your heavy sack
    Full of what ifs
    Just in cases
    Emergency plans

    And raise
    Free to fly
    Where the Unexpected awaits

    To get hold of the treasure
    You’ll have to come empty handed

  • Forest dome

    Rest your head 
    There’s nothing more 
    To strive for 

    Lay down and 
    Watch the cockatoos 
    So reckless and perfect in their 
    Lack of long term goals 

    Rib vaults above our heads are swirling
    Dissolving in fractal crystals

    Who would have thought 
    Our world will end with
    Such a stunning show 

    A thousand stars are falling down tonight 
    No need to make a wish 
    All you ever needed
    Is right here already

    Welcome back home 

  • Huge little one

    they pursue massive faith when despair is massive
    they pursue saints who know it for sure
    how far away best to run from one’s own body

    and you have moved mountains
    walked on water
    though you told the believers
    there’s still so much I don’t know yet

    — little faith


    Translation of Wielka Mała by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski

  • Pure curiosity

    There is a kind of beauty
    Found only at near death

    Wondering to the desert
    With no food or backup plan

    There is a kind of wisdom
    That only lies on fringes

    Far from the common sense
    Or any sense at all

    There is a kind of people
    Who never get bored with this

    Pushing the boundaries further
    Just for the sake of it