The Wave

I walked around the rooftop garden

In my glass and ivory tower 

Praying for rain to nourish

My well-manicured pot plants

The rain came along with a

Tsunami wave

That dragged us all screaming

Into the heart of the ocean

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How serious are you?

When I say I want to write a new article for my favorite kids’ magazine, is it the writing that I actually want? Or the warm pride and satisfaction that comes at the end of it? If it’s the former, why do I spend so much time procrastinating, scrolling Twitter, reading a twentieth random article, […]

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Let Love Grow

We’re getting married in just few months from now! Since we both live and breathe WordPress, it’s obvious we’ll coordinate all the details on our own wedding website. I checked a few dozens WordPress wedding themes, but couldn’t see ourselves using any of them, they just didn’t resonate with who we are. Eventually we installed […]

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