My name is Maria and I am Made in Cosmos

I ask big questions, keep iterating on answers, and document the process on this blog.

I’m fascinated by humans – they’re the most complex creatures in the whole known Universe. I’m fascinated by the Universe – because it exists.

My secret superpower is making complex stuff simple.

I recently left my job at Automattic to spend more time with my lovely daughter and to make the world around her as beautiful as possible. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly this will entail.

I write for Kosmos dla Dziewczynek, an out-of-this-wold print magazine for kids, where I am in charge of the Science & Tech section. I’m also a cofounder of Girls.js, a non-profit that teaches women JavaScript.

In my spare time, I travel in our RV with my husband, our wonderful daughter, and the biggest dachshund in the world; decorate everything with glitter, and gaze in the night sky wondering about the vastness of the Universe.

Feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, or follow my travels and silly fashion choices on Instagram.

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Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

Rumi Jalal al-Din

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