Hello, fellow wonderer!

My name is Maria and I am Made in Cosmos

I ask big questions, keep iterating on answers, and document my progress on this blog.

I’m a producer at Interintellect, home to the most friendly, thoughtful and important conversations on the internet. I bring smart and kind people from all walks of life together, encourage them to explore ideas they deeply care about, and help them build lasting friendships. If you want to find out more, let’s talk.

I spend my free time with my lovely daughter, trying to make the world around her as beautiful as possible. My goal is to create the most beautiful future not just for her, but for many more generations to come, and to bring about a new global Renaissance.

My most popular posts on this site were about learning to trust myself, recovering from guilt and shame, overcoming depression and dreaming big. I learned firsthand that permanent change for the better is possible, and I want to inspire you to try the same.

I write for Kosmos dla Dziewczynek, an out-of-this-wold print magazine for kids, where I am in charge of the Science & Tech section. I’m also a cofounder of Girls.js, a non-profit that teaches women JavaScript.

Whenever I have a chance I travel around Europe in our RV with my husband, daughter, and our oversized dachshund; decorate everything with glitter, hang upside down doing aerial yoga, and gaze into the night sky wondering about the vastness of the Universe.

Feel free to get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or drop me an email at maria.madeincosmos[at]gmail.com.

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Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

Rumi Jalal al-Din