I prayed for language
To sing out loud this joy confusion 
And bliss

Now I’m back here
And words don’t make any sense

Why of all things I chose language
I have no idea
  • The Wave

    I walked around the rooftop garden
    In my glass and ivory tower
    Praying for rain to nourish
    My well-manicured pot plants

    The rain came along with a
    Tsunami wave
    That dragged us all screaming
    Into the heart of the ocean

    I panicked sliding through surface
    Tortured by thunderstorms
    But the wave pushed me further

    Down below
    There’s a whole new unexpected
    Peaceful universe

    Think I’ll settle down here
    Right on the coral reef
    With crabs eels turtles and
    Even the great white shark

    Why beg for a drop of water
    When I can marry the Ocean

    And never be thirsty again

    Shards of glass split a sunbeam
    Into a million rainbows

    This is so
    Much more
    Than I had ever asked for

  • Princess

    My face all covered in glitter
    And shame
    Thought I could be a princess for one day
    Today I’m just a clown

    The more I strive to stand out from the crowd
    The bigger fool I make of myself

    The more I try to prove myself worthy
    The more unworthy I feel deep inside

    Why should I need to feel special?

    The Sun shines bright and
    Oh so evenly
    On meadows and trees and
    Tiniest leaves of grass and tallest mountains

    On saints and sinners
    On those who do deserve and
    Those who couldn’t care less about deserving
    And those who try so hard but fail and fail again

    Even on me
    As soon as I crawl back out of my
    Shaded corner
    And dare to strut all of my foolishness in the light

    Perhaps we are all special
    Perhaps I am a princess after all

  • Call it Magic, call it Science

    Not resisting anything
    Finding a hidden gem in every pile of shit
    And leaving the rest alone

    Patient with small baby turtles taking their small baby steps
    Knowing the seed will sprout and raise all up unassisted
    Just when conditions are right

    Call it Magic, call it Science

    Letting the water flow to all lowliest places
    and clean up the mess that had piled up there
    Seeing it float with the tide

    Feeling for all your fellow brothers
    Too nauseous to do the same
    Having been nauseous yourself for too long

    Look, the spring flood has brought about
    The end of our nice little well-manicured tidy world

    Call it Magic, call it Science

    We can jump right into the vast ocean abyss
    With both fear and excitement

    That neither Science nor Magic
    Prepared us
    For what happens next