zoom in
zoom out
get a feel of the macro
and micro scale

nebulae and
amino acids
will make your head spin
if you let them

in this curious parade
of creatures
beings entities
and stuff

I settle into
the dizziness

so that I can
keep spinning with them

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Note to self

I’m fast to judge experiences as either good or bad. When I’m tired or hungry, I’ll label almost anything as bad. Then I’ll spend the rest of the day grumpy and upset about something that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem under different circumstances (like after I had lunch). As I’m starting my vacation today, I […]

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Pure curiosity

There is a kind of beauty
Found only at near death

Wondering to the desert
With no food or backup plan

There is a kind of wisdom
That only lies on fringes

Far from the common sense
Or any sense at all

There is a kind of people
Who never get bored with this

Pushing the boundaries further
Just for the sake of it

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