Are you all right
Making those
Obnoxious faces

Shrieking cries
Ferocious insults
Hysteric roar

I don’t recall asking
You to come but since
You’re here already

Let’s sit down and
Have some chamomile
Tea together

I might as well try to
Learn something
From you

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When is empathy hard for you?

I got this question during my job interview at Automattic. This was years ago, but I still ask myself the same thing over and over again. Applying for a customer support position I knew empathy will make up a large part of my job, and it’s crucial to be able to exercise it in all […]

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Excuse me

Excuse me Is there an Adult onboard? Cause our spaceship Seems to be On fire And we haven’t  Been trained To deal with this I’d love to help But this is Above my paygrade And I’m surely Going to Screw this up What do you mean Nobody knowsWhat we should do now

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Note to self: how to live with a slouchy potato

There’s something I must confess. I have a secret alter ego. Every now and then, the creative and passionate human being that I normally am turns into a slouchy potato. This doesn’t happen very often, but enough to become a nuisance. Slouchy potato doesn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, and doesn’t […]

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How to tell responsibility from people pleasing

My fiancé just wrote a great article about coding, responsibility, and how software development is mostly about managing egos of everyone involved. This made me think about my own relationship with responsibility, which has been so far quite complicated and confusing. I’m a highly sensitive person and an emotional sponge. Noticing other people’s emotions and […]

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To be afraid hardly means to be in danger

There’s so many things I haven’t done because of fear. There’s even more that I did after months or even years of procrastinating. Quitting an old job or starting a new one, asking someone out or breaking up, starting a new project or saying no to someone asking for a favor. At one point I […]

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Follow the breath and let go

I learned so many incredible things during Apotheosis, that I’ll keep unpacking them for a few more days at least. Yesterday I wrote about how feeling sorry for people deprives them of agency. My next favorite one is that an emotion–a physical sensation in the body–lasts normally for just 15-30 seconds. I can already see […]

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