The kids are running amok
Scared of every twig snap
Every flickering shadow

They’d set the jungle on fire
Just so that they would never
Fear of darkness again

Take all your kids back home
Before one cuts off the branch
We are all growing on

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Are you all right
Making those
Obnoxious faces

Shrieking cries
Ferocious insults
Hysteric roar

I don’t recall asking
You to come but since
You’re here already

Let’s sit down and
Have some chamomile
Tea together

I might as well try to
Learn something
From you

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To be afraid hardly means to be in danger

There’s so many things I haven’t done because of fear. There’s even more that I did after months or even years of procrastinating. Quitting an old job or starting a new one, asking someone out or breaking up, starting a new project or saying no to someone asking for a favor. At one point I […]

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