Happiness T-shirt

As a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, my job is to make sure people using our software are happy. I never thought working in customer support can be this awesome and rewarding. Our whole company, at about 1000 people now, are all gonna meet in Orlando next week. Last year all Happiness Engineers got this T-shirt […]

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‪When all else fails‬
‪You can still try‬
‪To be a cactus‬

‪Madly in love‬
‪With every tiniest‬
‪Drop of water‬

‪Every blazing‬
‪Ray of light‬
‪That burns his skin‬

‪Pray for rain‬
‪With all your heart‬
‪On verge of death‬

‪Trade pleasure‬
‪For foolish hope‬
And lasting bliss

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How to tell responsibility from people pleasing

My fiancé just wrote a great article about coding, responsibility, and how software development is mostly about managing egos of everyone involved. This made me think about my own relationship with responsibility, which has been so far quite complicated and confusing. I’m a highly sensitive person and an emotional sponge. Noticing other people’s emotions and […]

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Don’t expect much from a drowning man

Don’t expect much from a drowning man. He’s not going to offer you a candy bar or ask how your day was. He’s too busy not drowning. Seth Godin I come back to this post by Seth Godin at least once a week. It’s super short and takes less than a minute to read. Whenever […]

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To communicate is to meet people where they are

I fix WordPress sites for a living. This is obviously not the case for people who reach out to me for help. In theory, I’m well aware that our customers don’t dedicate as much of their time and energy to troubleshooting their websites as I do, and that a new WooCommerce version coming out is […]

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You are what you create

“You must go to a lot of festivals, don’t you?” I got asked today again. Now that I work from a coworking office, this happens all the time. Because of my flashy multicolored clothes everyone thinks I’m a crazy old hippie who only likes to party. Now a part of me is indeed a crazy […]

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