Are you all right
Making those
Obnoxious faces

Shrieking cries
Ferocious insults
Hysteric roar

I don’t recall asking
You to come but since
You’re here already

Let’s sit down and
Have some chamomile
Tea together

I might as well try to
Learn something
From you

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Time spent at school is mostly time wasted

I recently wrote about how modern education is completely detached from the things it is supposed to teach, and how it’s most visible for foreign languages. I don’t think foreign languages are taught less effectively than, say, chemistry or literature. It’s just much easier to verify the results in real life. You can be a […]

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Invest in the question

When you say you deeply care about something, what does it mean actually? Do you care about what you think is the best way to solve the problem? Or do you care about the question that brought you to that belief? The difference is subtle, but of great consequences. If you care about the question, […]

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