The kids are running amok
Scared of every twig snap
Every flickering shadow

They’d set the jungle on fire
Just so that they would never
Fear of darkness again

Take all your kids back home
Before one cuts off the branch
We are all growing on

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The world as we knew

Erupted in a


The world as we don’t know

Might soon come

To birth

Ash and dust in the air

Shimmer like

Summer fairies

Singing of all the things

That once were

Or might have been

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Are you all right
Making those
Obnoxious faces

Shrieking cries
Ferocious insults
Hysteric roar

I don’t recall asking
You to come but since
You’re here already

Let’s sit down and
Have some chamomile
Tea together

I might as well try to
Learn something
From you

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Tell me

Tell me, what is it you’re called
Myself I’m not called at all
Myself I’m not called at all
I’m just picking marigolds

Tell me, what’s your real name
I have very many names
Booboo now and Choochoo then
I have very curious names


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Your roots Reaching deep Down to the core Of how things are Your embraceKeeps me groundedThrough wind andThunderstorms I’ll build usA cozy nestAmong theTopmost branches And sing you A lullabyOf galaxiesFar away

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Excuse me

Excuse me Is there an Adult onboard? Cause our spaceship Seems to be On fire And we haven’t  Been trained To deal with this I’d love to help But this is Above my paygrade And I’m surely Going to Screw this up What do you mean Nobody knowsWhat we should do now

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Strawberry jelly

What On Earth Was I thinking When I chose to Communicate In words They only obscure An already Cloudy matter Now words lost their meanings Meanings lost meanings Nothing means anything Anymore We’re wrestling in Strawberry jelly Of interpretations

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