Hangin with the trees

There’s only one thing that regenerates me even more than hanging upside down in a hammock. It’s doing the same thing for the whole day, surrounded by trees, fresh air, and super cheerful dogs. Our yoga studio just organized an all-day open air workshop in a forest, and it was just amazing. Even though I’m […]

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Loweliest places

Sometimes you got to
Let the water cascade
To the
Loweliest places

Watch it clear
As the dirt
Settles down
At the bottom

And stay there
With the mud
And the low

Even salmons
Go upstream
Only when the
Time is right

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Stressed? Shake it off. Literally.

Driving was always a stressful experience for me. I only drive a few times per year, cause where I live it’s usually the least convenient option. I never got to practice it enough to feel comfortable as a driver. Knowing I am in charge of a runaway metal bullet that might kill someone if I […]

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For a change

The galaxy will keep spinning
Without your strenuous effort

Sunrise and sunset
Are all set up for at least
Another couple billion years

You might as well give yourself
The permission

To do something unproductive
For a change

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