Mostly water

The Ocean
Swallowed my whole
House again

Infinite blue surrounds me
With no walls
Floor or shelter

Sea monsters
Beyond my sight murmur
Mischievous melodies

Come here
You wicked beasts
I know you cannot hurt me

Since the flood what’s left
Of me is mostly water

I know you’re water too
Just like the rest of us

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The Encounter

Finally found time to paint something in real life rather than on a tablet. This one is acrylic + lots of glitter on canvas, I think it’s my first canvas this year. The fish are looking weird but the more I try to fix them the weirder still they look. Guess I’ll have to live […]

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Loweliest places

Sometimes you got to
Let the water cascade
To the
Loweliest places

Watch it clear
As the dirt
Settles down
At the bottom

And stay there
With the mud
And the low

Even salmons
Go upstream
Only when the
Time is right

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Before you tell me mermaids aren’t real, come to Cape Town and try snorkeling with cape fur seals. They might not be as colorful as the one on the picture, but you’ll surely have fun with these incredibly beautiful, intelligent and playful creatures. So glad I had a chance to get to know them from […]

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