A pouch full of stars

My Soul Cards came in a beautiful dark blue velvet bag, and I immediately thought of turning it into a night sky. Being myself, I choose a thread with metallic and holo shimmer, but applying it was much more challenging than I thought at first.

As it turns out, metallic thread is extremely stiff, and actually consists of several smaller threads, each with a personality of its own. They twist and turn and get all tangled up pretty much spontaneously, so I had to watch all the time for random loops and knots.

All these stiff threads, doing what they want to

To make things even worse, the bag itself is made of stretch velvet, soft, squishy, and malleable. Combined with a stiff thread, it got pulled, twisted and turned in every direction, and so did any pattern I might have tried to apply.

I’ve optimistically bought 3 different colors of metallic threads, hoping I would alternate between them to create the a beautiful night sky on two Soul Card pouches. Two long afternoons later, I’ve barely covered one side of one pouch with vague shapes that remind me of flowers much more than they do of stars.

Still, despite it all I still do like how the pouch is turning out. I’m gonna buy some soft, elastic thread which hopefully works with this sort of fabric better, and see if that helps me add some more elaborate patterns this time.

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