All my friends

I had a weird dream a few days ago. I was desperately trying to hide in an old house from a group of strangers. I don’t even know why, but they were terrifying. I kept turning the deadbolt in the entrance door but somehow it wouldn’t lock at all. I pushed at the door with all my weight so that they wouldn’t enter, while they knocked on it from the other side frantically.

Suddenly my friend Jordan entered from the other room, all cool and relaxed. “What you’re worrying about”, he said, “these are all my friends”. I’ve let go of the door, and several people entered. They looked and talked strange, but in the end were completely harmless.

I’m still thinking about this dream, cause these angry people knocking at my door remind me a lot of difficult emotions. I don’t have to lock myself inside when they come and bring their curious gifts.

Anger is a friend.
Fear is a friend.
Shame is a friend.
Despair is a friend.

Not just Jordan’s. Everyone’s.

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