Almost like oil painting

I love the process of oil painting, it’s smooth, soothing and meditative. At the same time, I hate the process of cleaning up after oil painting and waiting for the finished work to dry. I don’t know how I’m doing this, sometimes I can touch a canvas after weeks and still get my hands dirty. The smell of turpentine isn’t my favorite either.

Luckily, I possess a device that gives me most of the benefits of oil painting without any of its cons. It’s clean, doesn’t smell weird, and allows me to apply the next layer still while I’m working on the first one.

If that wasn’t enough, this device is smaller than most books, weights less than half a kilo, and I can carry it everywhere with me.

We’re living in magical times indeed.

6 responses to “Almost like oil painting”

      • Wait.. I have one. Does it come with the “program” or did you have to buy it?

        I should really learn how to use the thing. Won it at a raffle. Used it at the airport to write the pre-apotheosis exercise.

      • There are several great drawing or painting apps for iPad, my favorite one is called Procreate which costs like $12. But the best drawing experience is only possible with a device that works like a pen/pencil/brush –
        I use the official Apple Pencil, but there might be some 3rd party ones too. Not all iPad versions work with all pencil devices, so you’ll probably want to double check this 🙂

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