An audience of one

What if all you create was 100% feedback-proof?

No words of praise, no matter how many people enjoyed what you did. No criticism, no matter how many believe that you’re wrong.

No likes, no comments, no pop charts, no reviews, no follows or unfollows, no performance stats. No way to find out how other people perceive what you just created, how popular it is compared with other ideas, how many people found it inspiring, boring, or disturbing.

No highs when a work of yours suddenly goes viral. No lows when there’s silence for weeks on end.

All you can be sure of is an audience of one. Namely, yourself.

What would you differently if that was the case?

Would you give up entirely if no one was watching?
If yes, what would you do instead?
If no, why not?

What would you stop doing if no one could praise you?

Are there things you do mostly for the likes, but don’t enjoy that much on their own?
Are there things you create out of pressure to belong?
Have you become a victim of the one thing that went viral and now keep circling back to the same themes, thinking this is what people want and need?

What would you start doing if no one could criticize you?

Are there things you’d love to explore, but are afraid of the backslash?
Are there things you avoid because of what your others may think?
Are you afraid to touch new interesting perspectives because you feel an obligation to serve your audience more of what you gave them so far?

What would you continue doing if all you could get in return was silence?

Are there things you consider important but were only met with crickets?
Are there things you’d like to do more of if only you could find an audience for them?
Are you not entirely true to yourself because you’re worried to lose fans or followers?

What would keep you going?

How would you know you did a great job?

You are already an audience of one

No matter if you’re already popular, or still waiting for that breakthrough moment, have a well-established brand, or are still searching for your own voice.

Praise, criticism, likes, follows, reviews, discussions, misunderstandings, or outrage are all just a drug. Unexamined, they might unwillingly become more important than sharing your special gift with the world.

If you’re working on a product that’s supposed to solve people’s problems, you’d better listen to what they have to say about it. But if you’re on a creative journey, focusing on all the voices around can disconnect you from the precious creative spark that’s unique to you.

There’s a song in you that wants to be shouted out loud, even if no one is listening.

3 responses to “An audience of one”

  1. Love this ❤ While studying poetry in college a professor told me that “the only poetry worth writing is the poetry that you must write, even if no one will ever read it.” It totally blew my mind. I couldn’t write for almost a year, not knowing how to find inspiration without trying to create for someone… But ultimately I am eternally grateful 🙏 It’s made me the poet I am today, where my poetry pours forth as a part of my essence ❤ It’s a great feeling…

    Want to apply these questions your asking even further now too 🙏 Thanks beautiful!!

  2. I have fear. I don’t write “for” people but I answered yes to your question of fear. Still holding back a bit.. but I’m okay. Its baby steps out here. I still live with integrity internally.

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