been dreaming of
the desert

until the dreams came true

there’s nothing but
the dust
fierce wind and
raging sea

I thought I’d
face the truth and
know myself

but somehow

all I did

was to bury
my head

in hot black sand

maybe this is all
that’s there to know

about me

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In silence

I’ve pulled off
all of my skin
I’m standing
before you naked

it hurts so much
to carry
all these old wounds

I started
weaving a song
to make it my shield
and asylum

then stopped

enough band aids
and songs
I can stand with this
in silence

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Take me

I’m tired
Rolling this boulder uphill
Wasn’t the best use
Of my time

I’ve had enough
From now on please

Take me
Wherever you want

Deepest ocean trenches or
The heart of a black hole

Take me
On an adventure
I can’t even imagine

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Give in

take this cup away from me please the medicine knocked me down seasick again all i can do is cry and laugh and give in to this *** Photo by Brian Sumner on Unsplash

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This dance

Give me all
Of your rage
Hatred bewilderment
And grief

I’m gonna
Swallow them whole
Laugh scream dance
Shout and cry

This dance
With madness
Is all life needs
To set you free

Let’s open
Up the gates
And bathe in
The blinding light

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Don’t ask me Why I tried to Swallow the Ocean again No human heart Can contain Koalas war and Betelgeuse Pieces of me Cloud of debris Around what’s left of our world It was the Ocean That swallowed me Grinding all back Into stardust

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Siren’s song

I’m not here to take care of you I’m not here to protect you I’m here to lure you all the wayTo the edge of a cliff I’m gonna tempt you with my siren’s song Of what’s beyond Until you have no more choice But to jump And find it out for yourself *** Photo […]

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Cosy sweaters

Hold me tight
As our walls and floor
Are crumbling into pieces

Black holes
Eating away at
All that we held dear

Grasp the thread
From the fabric
Of spacetime unraveling

We’ll knit ourselves
Cosy sweaters to
Keep us warm in the dark

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