Good morning

Good morning, yawns the willow
Stretching out tiny buds
Awoken by the pleasant
Tickling of the Sun

Jackdaw girl proudly carries
Her favourite precious stick
Watching out for the best
Real estate in town

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Heavy sack

With such burden on your shoulders
How will you spread your wings?

Where we are going they’ll give you
Much more than you can ask for

Put down your heavy sack
Full of what ifs
Just in cases
Emergency plans

And raise
Free to fly
Where the Unexpected awaits

To get hold of the treasure
You’ll have to come empty handed

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Forest dome

Rest your head
There’s nothing more
To strive for

Lay down and
Watch the cockatoos
So reckless and perfect in their
Lack of long term goals

Rib vaults above our heads are swirling
Dissolving in fractal crystals

Who would have thought
Our world will end with
Such a stunning show

A thousand stars are falling down tonight
No need to make a wish
All you ever needed
Is right here already

Welcome back home

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Huge little one

they pursue massive faith when despair is massive they pursue saints who know it for surehow far away best to run from one’s own body and you have moved mountainswalked on waterthough you told the believersthere’s still so much I don’t know yet — little faith . Translation of Wielka Mała by Polish poet and […]

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Pure curiosity

There is a kind of beauty
Found only at near death

Wondering to the desert
With no food or backup plan

There is a kind of wisdom
That only lies on fringes

Far from the common sense
Or any sense at all

There is a kind of people
Who never get bored with this

Pushing the boundaries further
Just for the sake of it

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A timeless rhapsody

I hear the trees singing A timeless rhapsody . Are you ready To leave your pain behind . Out in the vast plane of The Unexamined They swing gently to this Eternal tune . There’s so much more To being human Than a roof over your head . The whole cosmic jungle swirls In an […]

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My dearest ones

Not asking for peace anymore Or for things to be different I don’t resent not having a car Or my dearest ones chopping my head apart I came here to thank you for being God My translation of Najbliżsi by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski.

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I solemnly resolve to work on Getting rid of The bug of rhetoric Smooth lube of stylization Sumptous pauses Well-polished syntax Lyrical garbage So I can kneel down in winter And bring you in my incompetent hand A lamb of snow This is my translation of Postanowienie by Polish poet and priest Jan Twardowski.

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Galactic New Year

Supernova fireworks
Are lighting up the sky
Roasting entire planets

Such a beautiful show
Of life and death
Even the massive black hole
Dressed up
On this occasion

Blowing up our guarded fortress
Sounds like the best way to
The Galactic New Year

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