We raise our hands
And hearts
In unison

Night city lights
Are blinking at
Our feet

Stars snuggled up
In cloudy blankets
On this chilly night

I feel your presence
In sudden cold
Bursts of wind

Are you cruising
The fabric of spacetime

Like the stars
I can’t see you
But I know you are here

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I’m not bipolar

I just like my highs real highAnd my lows real low To question my entire existenceAnd then fully plunge into it When I believeI want to trust wholeheartedlyDespite logic reason and So called common sense When I doubtI want no stone left unturnedTo question Stars and the Moon andEverything in between When I commitI want to […]

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Never before

Alone at night
I stare a the
Back raging sea

Fierce waves
Wash away the
Rock under my feet

No one can save you
I hum shyly and
All bursts into chant

The stars
Cloud and waves
Sway to the rhythm together

You ask if I’m okay
Maniacal laughter
Comes out of my lips

Never before
Have I felt
So fucking alive

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Mostly water

The Ocean
Swallowed my whole
House again

Infinite blue surrounds me
With no walls
Floor or shelter

Sea monsters
Beyond my sight murmur
Mischievous melodies

Come here
You wicked beasts
I know you cannot hurt me

Since the flood what’s left
Of me is mostly water

I know you’re water too
Just like the rest of us

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‪When all else fails‬
‪You can still try‬
‪To be a cactus‬

‪Madly in love‬
‪With every tiniest‬
‪Drop of water‬

‪Every blazing‬
‪Ray of light‬
‪That burns his skin‬

‪Pray for rain‬
‪With all your heart‬
‪On verge of death‬

‪Trade pleasure‬
‪For foolish hope‬
And lasting bliss

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With full force

The jungle Pulled me in again With full force Wild vines Fastened tightly On my arms and feet I’m spinning With the planets Round the absent Sun Can you feel The Eternity Folding on itself *** Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

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I like it

Hold me tight
Wrap me in a blanket
Made of cloud and stars

Our entire planet
Seems to have
A fever

Hug me as the sky
Is juggling
Fiery bullets

I like it when
The world ends

It just exhausts me much

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Every night
I get to


With the trees

Howl with the Moon
Slide with the rivers

Sing with the owls
Bounce with the Ocean


With the Galaxy

Every morning
I wonder
Where am I

What happened
To my wings

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