Oh dear!

Going to Nara, I knew it’s famous for sacred deers living around one of the temples. But I had no idea there would be this many of them! There are literally thousands, roaming free around the city, crossing streets, and stealing cookies from careless tourists. They’re also completely unafraid of people, even the little ones. I’m totally convinced it’s because of the cookies.

In Nara, you can buy special deer-friendly cookies on literally every corner. Unfortunately no one told us you can’t just carry them around in plain sight. When they see you holding a bunch of cookies in your hand, these smart beasts can headbutt or even bite you to get the tasty deal. We had to give up on the first batch and surrender, running for our lives.

One of the careless tourists, overwhelmed by all the attention he got

The next one, which we’ve hidden deep in our pockets and broken into pieces served us for the rest of our trip.

I’ve never seen this many deers in my life and will likely never have a chance to touch this many again. I also have probably even more deer photos on my camera now than there were deers in the whole park. You might not find the whole gallery as fascinating as I do, so here’s just one friendly fella I met today.

You can tell by look on his face that he wants a cookie.

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