Forest in a jar

There’s a certain kind of magic in creating something real and physical. Something that can be touched, hugged, held in hands, and displayed in a prominent place. Even more incredible is creating something that has a life of its own.

For the entire human history the work we did had tangible outcomes in a physical world. These days, when we most jobs are done in front of a computer, we can’t touch, smell, or feel the result of our own work like we used to.

There’s a lot of value in what I do, and I wouldn’t trade my job with a gardener or baker. But I know there is a certain kind of magic in their work that is gone in mine. At the end of the day, all I have are memories of the people who thanked me, and hope that those who didn’t also got what they were looking for.

This is why I signed up for a ‘forest in a jar’ workshop. To rediscover a bit of this magic and to bring it back home. I came back with a beautiful, alive, self-sustainable Universe that can keep going for weeks without intervention. I’m sure this isn’t the last one of mine.

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