How serious are you?

When I say I want to write a new article for my favorite kids’ magazine, is it the writing that I actually want? Or the warm pride and satisfaction that comes at the end of it?

If it’s the former, why do I spend so much time procrastinating, scrolling Twitter, reading a twentieth random article, scrolling Twitter again, and coming up with a million excuses as to why my current mental state doesn’t allow for creative work?

If this was something I was beyond excited to do, would I sit on my couch complaining about how I don’t know where to start? Or would I drop everything else and try every possible approach one after another until I find the one that gets the job done?

When I am in love, I’m so determined to do the impossible that I can move mountains. When I am in love, the rest of the world suddenly can wait.

I must admit, I am not in love with writing that article.

If I’m to be honest, I rather like the idea of being the sort of a person who writes cool technical riddles for an awesome kids’ magazine.

But now that I understand the difference, at least I can do something about it.

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