I’m out of office… And not coming back!

Working remotely was something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. It got me most fascinated when I used to live in Korea. Having to sit in the office without anything to do, I would read books about design and dream of packing my stuff and going somewhere far away, where meaning is the king.

When my dream finally came true, it felt freaking overwhelming at first. Like all the walls, floor and ceiling around me suddenly disappeared, and I was in a free fall. Some days, I would forget to eat lunch because I was so stressed about the stuff I have to do. Some days, I thought they’ll all figure out I’m too emotionally unstable to ever be in charge of my schedule.

But month after month after month I slowly caught the vibe and started taking advantage of the amazing lifestyle my job made possible. My first attempt at working while travelling was way too ambitious, but at least I had a great time and learned a lot.

The things I learned then were not wasted. Travelling together with my boyfriend, we’ve worked from Canada, US, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, States again and France during the last few months. Usually we’d take a few days off for hiking or sightseeing and stay for another week or two trying to live like a local. We love travelling and working like this, and we love coming back home once we’re tired.

Of course, its not just puppies and sunshine. It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of working and travelling, especially when you see pictures like this:

Library of Hotel de Ville in Paris. It’s very old, absolutely beautiful, and feels like a sauna.

As beautiful, inspiring and Instagram-worthy this may look, it’s doesn’t tell the whole story. Inside it was extremely hot, they had terrible WiFi, a very complex registration process to even get in, so by the time I got to my full working speed they started closing when I was right in the middle of complex troubleshooting over live chat. I’ve literally continued the chat on my way out, carrying my laptop over to the elevator, security booth, and finally finished it 15 minutes later in the parking lot.

Working from everywhere is a beautiful concept, but without planing for that “everywhere” the stress would eat me. Where am I going? Will I be able to charge my laptop there? Is the wifi good enough? If not, can my mobile data handle live chat / audio / video calls? Is it comfortable to sit there for several hours? Is it possible to buy a drink or food there?

I never had to think about those things when working in an office job, but I can’t really say I’d have outstanding results back then. At home I’m often distracted, and then work overtime to catch up. Working remotely from cafes, libraries, parks or museums is the best way for me to stay truly productive. Nothing motivates me to get my stuff done as much as the library closing in 10 minutes, or the laptop battery running out.

And that’s probably the best thing about remote work. It doesn’t matter how long you sit in the office, it only matters if stuff gets done in the end. You don’t need to spend endless hours on meetings, try to impress certain people, or play office politics games, your results will speak for themselves. The trust and freedom in a fully remote job can be quite overwhelming at times, but I don’t feel like ever coming back to the office again. Neither do any of my friends who’ve tried it.

If it sounds like you’d thrive in a remote job, come work with us, we’re always hiring. You don’t need technical background to apply. This is not a sponsored post, and we’re not getting any referral bonus for any folks we’d recommend. I just truly believe this is an awesome company to work for 🙂

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