Let Love Grow

We’re getting married in just few months from now! Since we both live and breathe WordPress, it’s obvious we’ll coordinate all the details on our own wedding website.

I checked a few dozens WordPress wedding themes, but couldn’t see ourselves using any of them, they just didn’t resonate with who we are. Eventually we installed the default, very basic theme, and started building on top of that. It has a few features we like (header video and parallax images) and none of those we don’t. Adding everything else we need is also a great opportunity to dust off my PHP skills, as I don’t code much nowadays.

However, starting with a blank canvas turned out to be super intimidating. I couldn’t even write any text without knowing what the overarching theme of the website should be. My mind works in mysterious ways and likes to process things top down, from a grand unifying vision to the tiniest details. This has its advantages, but can be paralysing when starting a new project.

What got me unstuck was doodling some leaves and calligraphy letters, until I had something that could work as a logo. Combined with a drone video of the two of us surrounded by Thai jungle in the background, this is a good starting point.

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