Magic that works

I have magical superpowers.


I say “Hey Google, turn on the rainbow”, and there’s a rainbow in my living room. A féerie of colors circles round the ceiling, reflecting in all my sequin pillows, crystals, and glitter decor.

Imagine all the magicians who ever lived on Earth. How many of them would have dreamed of such power?

If my great-grandmother had a chance to witness this, she would surely think this is wicked sorcery. If she weren’t scared of the incredible forces that made my room transform, she might want to study my secrets and learn to harness that force for herself. 

Yet these days we all know there is a logical explanation for the rainbow appearing out of nowhere in my room, that involves bits, speech-to-text processors, and conditional statements. For most people, this is enough to lose interest in how exactly it is done.

Phew, anyone who has the same hardware and learns the same few coding instructions could do that. Where’s the magic in it?

Yes, anyone could do that.

Did you?

Rainbow lights are hardly the most urgent and important thing to have, but for sure there are some things you’d happily change with a magic wand if you happened to have one? But what if the magic wand was not necessary?

What if all it took was curiosity, determination, and willingness to experiment and fail over and over again?

You may say the thing you’re dreaming of is not possible according to known laws of physics.

My great-grandmother would probably say the same thing about my rainbow lights.

Keep searching.

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