Mandarin Ducks

I don’t know how they arrived in Warsaw. They’re originally from East Asia, and rarely live in other parts of the world. When a single one appeared in New York last year, it stirred quite a sensation, with people waiting in a long queue for their chance to capture a photo.

I don’t have to wait in a line. I don’t even have to jump on a train or bus. Just a short walk away from home, there’s a nice park inhabited by several different species of birds. In summer, mandarin ducks usually move to other parts of the city. In autumn, they always come back.

I’m lucky to work from home and be able to take a short break in the middle of the day. At this time of year we get very little sunshine, and going for a walk around noon gives me a chance to catch as much of it as I can. And even if the sky is all grey and clouded, there are always the ducks to brighten up my day.

I’ll never get bored of watching them. They’re so effortlessly fabulous.

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