Mr Birdy

This is the only photo I have of Mr Birdy.

To his right is Bunny the Space Philosopher, my long-time friend and travel companion. He arrived in a subscription box of random cute stuff from Japan. I only learned that you can subscribe to random cute stuff from Japan because they had some problems with their online shop, and reached out to our support team right after I joined Automattic.

So anyway, Bunny the Space Philosopher came in one of these boxes. He has this very special look on his face that says, “I don’t know”. Whenever I’m feeling lost and confused and have no idea what’s going on, I look at my Bunny, and he has no idea what’s going on either, and it makes me feel so understood.

Bunny & I already travelled to 15 countries together, but now we’re visiting his homeland for the first time. Husband suggested this would be a great occasion to find him a companion, and that’s how Mr Birdy arrived in our life. Just like Bunny, he’s a tiny soft ball of cuteness, and just like Bunny, he doesn’t seem to know a thing.

Just after taking this photo, I put them both in the front pocket of my backpack, where Bunny usually travels. When I opened it again, Mr Birdy wasn’t there anymore.

Perhaps Bunny & him didn’t make such great friends after all.

But I prefer to believe that he was just too bored with our travel habits, and chose a life of adventure where he’d be truly free.

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