I’m very lucky to have many of amazing women in my life. Growing up with 4 brothers, and then studying computer science on a technical university, I thought of myself as one of the guys and that I’d never be a part of a girls’ world. I’m very glad I had a chance to prove myself wrong.

These days, I enjoy and cherish my relationships with all the beautiful women around. My bra-fitting community, where I haven’t posted in years but we still keep in touch and hang out in real life. The whole Kosmos editorial board and foundation that creates incredible Universes for little girls where everything is possible. My superhero colleagues at work, who are the kind of a person I want to be when I grow up.

There are also some very special souls I met on Apotheosis who came up with the idea of the Year of Creation, and started creating something every day together with me. It would be much harder to tackle a big project like this if I only did this for myself. Luckily we’re in this together, and we’re going to squeeze the creative juice out of the Universe in all possible ways.

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  1. Honored to be a part of this with you my dear 🙏 Thank you for all the ways you inspire and encourage us all ❤ and I absolutely LOVE this art peice 😍 So SHINY! I want lol!!

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