The world as we knew

Erupted in a


The world as we don’t know

Might soon come

To birth

Ash and dust in the air

Shimmer like

Summer fairies

Singing of all the things

That once were

Or might have been

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Your roots Reaching deep Down to the core Of how things are Your embraceKeeps me groundedThrough wind andThunderstorms I’ll build usA cozy nestAmong theTopmost branches And sing you A lullabyOf galaxiesFar away

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Don’t look down

The trail under our feet
Is nothing but mist
And cotton candy

Held together by faith alone
Across an infinite

Sweet delusion
That will fall apart
At the first curious glance


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I only had
To feebly whisper
Let’s go

And you raised me straight away
Miles above the
Common ground

I dreamt of flying
Every night
Ever since I remember

Never occurred to me
All I need to do is
Just ask


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The perfect model

This nice and friendly flower agreed to pose for me tonight at my friends’ apartment. Plants are perfect models, they’re happy to sit for hours in the same position, look very charming just doing nothing, and don’t complain if the end result doesn’t do justice to their beauty.

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A timeless rhapsody

I hear the trees singing
A timeless rhapsody

Are you ready
To leave your pain behind

Out in the vast plane of
The Unexamined
They swing gently to this
Eternal tune

There’s so much more
To being human
Than a roof over your head


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Invest in the question

When you say you deeply care about something, what does it mean actually? Do you care about what you think is the best way to solve the problem? Or do you care about the question that brought you to that belief? The difference is subtle, but of great consequences. If you care about the question, […]

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