I like it

Hold me tight
Wrap me in a blanket
Made of cloud and stars

Our entire planet
Seems to have
A fever

Hug me as the sky
Is juggling
Fiery bullets

I like it when
The world ends

It just exhausts me much

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Still you’re grasping personal happiness by the hair
Stashing away in just about any jar
Keeping a journal which means a monument to yourself
That’s why the air feeds you scantily
Invisible hands don’t guide you
What is grand won’t come against your will
All this ache in vain—cause you wouldn’t die
If you can’t let go of yourself
How could you gain everything

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Galactic New Year

Supernova fireworks
Are lighting up the sky
Roasting entire planets

Such a beautiful show
Of life and death
Even the massive black hole
Dressed up
On this occasion

Blowing up our guarded fortress
Sounds like the best way to
The Galactic New Year

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Everything is a bonus

All my grandparents passed away 7 years ago or more. I loved them as a kid, but didn’t have a chance to grow into these relationships as an adult. They either lived too far away, were struck by amnesia too early, or died before I was born. I wished they could stay here longer but […]

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