Control is overrated

I recently wrote about the vicious cycle of dieting, binge eating, and yoyo, that had its grip on me ever since I remember. I only managed to escape it when instead of trying to control what I eat, I started listening to my body and watching it react to different kinds of food. If you […]

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The world as we knew

Erupted in a


The world as we don’t know

Might soon come

To birth

Ash and dust in the air

Shimmer like

Summer fairies

Singing of all the things

That once were

Or might have been

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For a change

The galaxy will keep spinning
Without your strenuous effort

Sunrise and sunset
Are all set up for at least
Another couple billion years

You might as well give yourself
The permission

To do something unproductive
For a change

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Still you’re grasping personal happiness by the hair
Stashing away in just about any jar
Keeping a journal which means a monument to yourself
That’s why the air feeds you scantily
Invisible hands don’t guide you
What is grand won’t come against your will
All this ache in vain—cause you wouldn’t die
If you can’t let go of yourself
How could you gain everything

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