Never before

Alone at night
I stare a the
Black raging sea

Fierce waves
Wash away the
Rock under my feet

No one can save you
I hum shyly and
All bursts into chant

The stars
Cloud and waves
Sway to the rhythm together

You ask if I’m okay
Maniacal laughter
Comes out of my lips

Never before
Have I felt
So fucking alive

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Amanda Palmer on grief and pain

Anthony was just laid out in his hospice bed. I sat there, and I looked at his dead body, and I thought, “Why are we told to be so afraid of this?” I just remember feeling like, “Wow! There’s no fear.” There’s this whole narrative about death and dead bodies, and it’s oh, so creepy, […]

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Empowerment means showing the way

Have you heard about Kosmos dla Dziewczynek? It’s a Polish magazine for girls aged 6-12yo, a beautiful, wise, and fascinating one. I cooperate with them for almost 2 years now, and it’s one of the things I am most proud of so far. I never thought I’d write for a magazine called Kosmos when I […]

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