What do computers dream of?

I’m not really sure what it is exactly, but it’s insanely pretty, weird, and scary at the same time. I made all of these images using the Ganbreeder app, an online tool for creating genetic art. No artistic skills are required, all you have to do is to click on the image you find most […]

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Lucid dreams

How can I explain you
What happened that night

All my words can only
Cut reality in halves

Cars were much more carsome
Trees were much more treeish

Mandarin ducks walked around
Royal and fabulous

Stardust sprinkled off our fingertips

As we watched everything
Melt together

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Put aside
All the very wise notions of what is
And what should be

Let’s go where the
Cotton pink clouds
In sheer excitement

Pull up the starry tablecloth
Stretched round our homely corner

There’s a vast meadow of wonder
Waiting for us to
Jump in

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